‘Leaked photos’ spark iPhone 6 rumors

The internet is never low on crazy rumors and speculation. However, when the "reports" come with "official leaked photos" that is when more people start paying attention. This is particularly true when it comes to Apple and its new products.

This week, a series of photos that started from a Twitter account linked to the popular blog MacRumors and have hit every social media site since are claiming to be that of the "iPhone 6." It appears to be a rough mock-up or prototype that shows a thinner and lighter device than ever before. On top of that, the screen seems to be stretched right up to the edge, eliminating the bezel or the bars at the side of the screen.

While these is no way to authenticate these photos — who took or created them in Photoshop is unknown and Apple has not and will not comment on them — it may be close to what Apple is actually working on.

According to an article from CNet, a bigger, thinner and bezelless iPhone has been rumored for years. Recently the news of a bezelless patent and talk of a glass screen with curved edges being manufactured have helped add fuel to the fire.

The only things we know for sure is that Apple will not tip its hand and a new iPhone is months away at best. However, when a new device does drop, an IT consulting firm that specializes in iPhone and iPad deployment can ensure the gadgets are incorporated into daily business use.