Law office goes paperless with iPad

Anyone who follows the technology landscape knows how powerful tablets have become. With the right wireless network and suite of mobile applications, nearly any task can be completed using an iPad. They have become so efficient at both consumer and enterprise tasks that it is not out of the realm of possibility to see someone running an entire business through just a tablet.

A recent article from the Marlborough Express, a New Zealand newspaper, profiled a Blenheim law firm owner who took a year off, reopened in March and is planning a dramatic change of pace when it comes to operations.

Philip Watson, of Watson Legal, is working to make his practice as paper free as possible and will use an iPad to make it happen.

"I'm trying to run a paperless office. I had to get tech-savvy," Watson told the news source. "It's all for the better . . . it saves the trees."

Watson realized how powerful the tablet can be when he was on his year holiday in Europe. He traveled with his iPad and claims that he "lived on it."

However, there is a difference between using a tablet while on vacation and trying to run an entire business through the device. To answer this he has partnered with an IT firm that provides multiple training sessions a week to learn the nuances of using an iPad as a core piece of business technology.

This is something that any organization can start doing with the help of an quality Apple support firm.