Kansas school district improves efficiency, accountability and learning with FileMaker

Dodge City Public Schools, one of the largest school districts in Kansas, found themselves hard pressed to raise learning standards for their students while keeping their operating costs within the constraints of their tight budget. Now, armed with 1,200 iPads and a single FileMaker solution, Dodge City district teachers can more flexibly administer assessments and analyze their results, improving learning outcomes while saving money. 

Before using FileMaker, the district relied on an expensive legacy student assessment system that was difficult to customize and required developer services. Today, their single FileMaker solution gives them better access to their information, as well as the ability to interact with it more freely, all while fitting into their budgetary restrictions.

"Our single, multi-faceted FileMaker solution, which integrates information for both administration and learning, has resulted in substantial savings," says Ray Wipf, Executive Director of Information Management for Dodge City Public Schools.

With FileMaker, teachers can administer assessments, then track students' accuracy in real-time on their iPads. When exams are complete, an intuitive interface filters test results across multiple variables, such as areas of knowledge, weaknesses and strengths. Teachers can then view the results in charts, graphs or lists, in order to spot trends and target students who need assistance in specific topics.

FileMaker has also allowed school staff to integrate their administrative information into a single system, increasing their efficiency. Dodge City Public Schools stores and manages its curricula, budgeting and payroll information, student records and teacher performance reviews on FileMaker. The integrated system is helping them improve accountability and compliance district-wide. 

And, according to Wipf, its easy to manage. "There are so many amazing things you can do in FileMaker without having a degree in programming," he says. "The best thing about FileMaker is that we can tailor our own solution by listening to everyone's needs and easily putting them into action with FileMaker and FileMaker Go."


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