JetBlue training pilots for iPads in the cockpit

This blog recently discussed American Airlines adding iPads into its repertoire, but it is not the only company in its industry to do so. JetBlue has also started a program for its pilots to learn the intricacies of Apple's tablet and how it can benefit them on a daily basis.

According to a company press release, JetBlue received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval for the iPads, and will have pilots use the devices for tasks like real-time weather updates and pre-flight checklists.

"We are one step closer to a paperless cockpit," Jeff Martin, senior vice president of operations for JetBlue, said in a statement. "Our pilots will have the fastest real-time images in the air."

Martin added that the airline hopes to add digital chart capability once it is approved. Even so, the current options will help pilots create a better customer experience, he said. With the ability to have details on the weather, the JetBlue employees can be sure to keep fliers in the loop about what to expect on their flight.

Additionally, JetBlue said that the program was tested with 60 pilots over several months. While the program will continue to be filtered out over the next few months for a smooth transition, all 2,500 pilots will start to receive a 16 GB WiFi capable iPad.

JetBlue has previously been given permission to use a PC-based laptop in the cockpit, called an Electronic Flight Bag, but the airline said that the iPads will bring new capabilities.

Companies across numerous industries are beginning to consider iPad deployment, which is why working with an IT consulting agency that specializes in Apple training and support could be greatly beneficial.