iWork suite could soon be free for consumers

For many business computer users, there is one main series of software applications that every employee uses — productivity suites. These include three main programs: word documents, spreadsheets and presentations. More often than not, companies have turned to the Microsoft Office Suite and the Word, Excel and PowerPoint options. However, Apple may be poised to take a big bite out of that market.

For years, Apple has had a productivity suite known as iWork that has its own version of Office's big three, known as Pages, Numbers and Keynote. While many Apple uses swear by the products, the business world has not been quick to jump on the bandwagon. If a new rumor proves to be correct, however, that will change.

During the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote address, it was revealed that the new version of iCloud will feature a digital version of these programs, much like the Google Drive business suite. However, according to an article from Business Insider, these programs could be available for consumers free of charge.

Currently each program is available separately on the mobile platform for $10 each and $20 apiece for the OS X platform. Citing tweets from the contributors to the Apple rumor site 9 to 5 Mac, the report mentions that there will be an announcement about this coming in September when Apple traditionally holds a press event.

This would be a move by Apple to better position itself against Google and Microsoft and could create a go-to productivity software solution for businesses. Any company can partner with an IT consulting firm to integrate and learn these kinds of solutions.