iWork now free for mobile devices

A week ago, Apple unveiled new iPhones and everyone has been talking about the hardware ever since. Faster chips and bright colors have garnered most of the headlines, but there was another announcement that could play a bigger role when it comes to disrupting enterprise level IT solutions—free software.

Brushed over during the iPhone event was the announcement that mobile devices have become more than just gadgets used to consume media. Instead, they have evolved into a tool that can create content that rivals anything someone behind a computer can produce. To help push this concept even further, the company revealed that the iWork suite (Pages, Numbers and Keynote), as well as iPhoto and iMovie, are now free.

By adding productivity software for free, Apple is seeking to branch its mobile devices further into the land of the enterprise. The iWork family is on par with the popular Microsft Office productivity suite, but many believe its mobile versions are superior.

"Making iWork free with the purchase of a new iOS device and for current devices will almost certainly give Apple's productivity suite a considerable boost in market share," an Apple Insider article reads. "In doing so, Apple will be stepping onto the turf of productivity giants such as Microsoft and Google, taking on their respective Office and Google Drive suites."

During the Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this year, it was announced that the iCloud would have a free version of iWork, similar to Google Drive, and with OS X Mavericks expected to get a launch date in the coming month, is it possible the suite could become free across the board? Only time will tell.

What is clear now is that Apple is making a greater push for its family of devices to be used in a productive fashion. An IT consulting company that specializes in Mac integration can help any organization succeed in making that possible.