iWatch to be a $2.5 billion market for Apple

A new series of commercials has started airing featuring famous wrist communication devices from throughout the years of television, movies and comics. It includes footage of Captain Kirk from Star Trek, Dick Tracy and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers using fictional devices on their wrists to speak with others. It ends by unveiling the new Samsung Galaxy Gear.

The smart watch retails for $300, has a touch screen and camera, runs apps like text messaging, and can send and receive voice calls. This new marketing campaign points to all the reasons that technology experts have been pointing to the smart watch as a potential gold mine of a market and there have been rumors for over a year that Apple would be the first to break into it.

However, this news does little to deter Apple from releasing the "iWatch" at some point soon. According to Gene Munster, an analyst at Piper Jaffray, when the Apple smart watch is launched, it could sell up to 10 million units in the first year, adding more that $2.5 billion in revenue to the company.

It is rumored that the Apple device would connect with a user's iPhone. With a projected smartphone user base of 293 million, selling 7.5 million smart watches does not seem like such a stretch.

It seems clear that soon, many IT departments are going to need figure out how to incorporate these devices, along with the stack of other mobile devices that are already in employees' hands. An IT consulting firm that specializes in mobile Mac integration can help any organization handle this properly.