iWatch taking priority in Apple development pipeline

During the holiday season, every consumer is waiting for the must have item to hit. Because of this, many companies plan their manufacturing practice to have those items ready to go for the last few months of the year. Look no further than Apple, which had debuted several products in the last six weeks, including smartphones, tablets, computers and software.

However, most of these products have been upgrades and not a new product line that many Apple fans have been waiting for. Namely, technology fans are waiting for two specific items that have been rumored for awhile, an Apple television set and the iWatch.

According to multiple sources, it appears as if Apple has switched up its priorities internally and put a higher focus on wearable technology, meaning the television will again be on the back burner. Most of this speculation is coming from Apple supply chain members.

"Focus on Apple wearables has continued to pick up steam amid continuing rumors that the company is shooting for a late 2014 launch of an iWatch that would run 'full iOS,'" a Mac Rumors article reads. "Fueling speculation in recent days has been an announcement that Apple will build a major new manufacturing plant in Arizona to produce sapphire glass."

As always, these Apple rumors are subject to change, but it is something that companies should keep an eye on. Any business that has a Mac integration could find these new devices coming through the door and will need to support them, which an experienced IT consulting firm can help with.