IT training can improve any company’s skill set

Regardless of the industry you are in, staffing can be a major concern. In the technology landscape, the need for increasingly evolving skill sets is making it difficult for organizations to fill a void, as what they are looking for one week could change the next.

This does not take away from the need for quality talent, but rather puts the need for the right training into perspective. A recent article from CIO makes the case that instead of trying to find the right skills in an employee, organizations should bring in a professional that will match their culture and train them on the needed skills.

The piece features an interview with Chris Duchesne, vice president of Workplace Solutions, He said that bringing in new skills is critical, but for many organizations these are scarce and unevenly distributed. This means organizations need to focus on training.

"At many forward-thinking companies, the leadership and hiring teams understand that technology changes so rapidly that, more important than discrete skills, is an employee's cultural fit and their ability to transfer their skills, experience and values to new technology, new endeavors, new paths to the organization. You can always teach and/or acquire new skills and gain new experiences, but it's hard to 'teach' culture," Duchesne told the news source.

Making this kind of change can be ambitious, but there are ways to make it easier. For instance, partnering with an technology consulting firm that specializes in IT training, which includes being certified in Apple products, any organization can shift their thinking.