IT tools boost diversity possibilities

Nearly every company is looking for a way to become more diverse. It has been a buzzword for years, but as technology has evolved, the ability to tear down the walls and bring in more outside opinions is becoming easier to do.

In a recent LinkedIn blog post, Dan Sanker – the CEO of CaseStack – wrote about his experience speaking at the National Diversity Council (NDC) Roundtable event. The event is held to help promote a movement to transform workplace communities into environments where people are valued for uniqueness and differences. Members of groups with diverse backgrounds learn a lot about one another when they are brought together.

"We discussed the changing attitudes towards diversity and inclusion that we are all seeing at many companies," said Sanker. "There is a sense that globalization and technology are making the impact of diversity more important while also facilitating progress."

He went on to say that technology has enabled us to work with other people across the globe as if they are in the same office. It is not uncommon to work on a team with a group of professionals that have never met, but with whom communication can happen instantly with the latest tools like Skype.

Practices like this are causing company expectations to rise and results to be more pronounced. However, for this to happen on a consistent basis, companies need to make sure they have a strong IT infrastructure.

Not every business has the internal resources to manage the type of system that is required. That is where an experienced IT consulting firm is valuable – it will be familiar with installing a solution like a Mac integration that can support mobile devices, video conferencing and other communication tools to boost diversity.