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Meet your IT goals with our technology company, ensuring long-term growth and operational efficiency.

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Streamline your IT needs cost-effectively with our high-quality technology solutions company.

Why choose MC Services as your IT Company?

  • Empower your business with seamless, comprehensive IT solutions that transform challenges into growth
  • Achieve near-instant problem resolution with our proven one-hour response time, keeping your business operational
  • Protect your critical data with our advanced security solutions, backed by over 100 years of combined expertise
  • Jumpstart your IT projects in as little as 30 days with our fast-track onboarding, designed for immediate impact
  • Partner with certified Microsoft, Jamf, Apple, and Cisco experts for strategic insights that drive your business forward.

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Explore our Complete Range of IT Services

Managed IT

Shift from break-fix chaos to managed stability; our MSP services offer unparalleled cost savings and continuous tech support, ensuring reliable, efficient IT operations.

IT Support

Experience exceptional IT support that minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity with rapid response times, and unparalleled customer service for every business need.

IT Helpdesk

Streamline your path to business success with our IT helpdesk services, providing swift troubleshooting, ongoing support, and strategic insights to keep your systems optimal

IT Consulting Services

Partner with our technology consulting firm for expert strategy development and IT roadmap planning tailored specifically to drive your business goals forward effectively.


Elevate your defenses with our cybersecurity services. We deliver comprehensive protection, advanced threat detection, and proactive risk management to safeguard your business assets.

Network Support

Strengthen your network infrastructure with comprehensive support that offers continuous monitoring, quick fixes, and strategic upgrades to keep your systems running smoothly.

Cloud Services

Elevate your business with our advanced cloud solutions, providing robust infrastructure management, secure data storage, and seamless application deployment.

System Monitoring Services

Experience uninterrupted performance with our proactive monitoring services, offering 24/7/365 surveillance, remote management, and rigorous document.

Apple & JAMF Support

Seamlessly integrate Apple and Jamf technologies into your business with our expert support, boosting efficiency and leveraging certified insights for unmatched performance.

Benefits of Partnering With our IT Company in Waukesha

Beyond 9-to-5: IT Support that Doesn't Take Days Off

Secure continuous operational efficiency with IT support that doesn’t take a day off.

Experience minimal downtime with guaranteed 1-hour response times.

Our team’s commitment extends through nights, weekends, and holidays, offering a steadfast 4-hour response window to manage any IT crisis promptly.

This ensures that your business remains proactive, not reactive, maintaining uptime and productivity when it matters most.

Submit requests by noon for next-business-day on-site resolutions, bolstering your IT infrastructure’s reliability and peace of mind.

Waukesha IT Company
IT Company in Waukesha

Partner with Jamf Certified Experts

Unlock the full potential of Apple technologies with certified Jamf expertise.

Thanks to our comprehensive suite of Jamf products, you can benefit from sophisticated management solutions that seamlessly integrate into your business.

Rely on a team distinguished by a breadth of Jamf certifications—from the foundational Jamf 200 to the advanced Jamf 300 and Jamf 370 levels.

This expertise is continuously refreshed and expanded, including through our in-house Jamf Certified Trainer.

Experience not just problem-solving but also strategic enhancements that transform the use of Apple devices in your business operations, ensuring your technology investment drives maximum value.

Managing Multiple IT Vendors Can Be Chaotic

Streamline your vendor relationships with MC Services’ integrated solutions.

IT Company in Waukesha WI

State-of-the-Art Data Centers with Local Support

Experience swift expert support and robust infrastructure through our local call center and state-of-the-art data center, tailored to meet the demands of modern businesses.

Benefit from our rapid response capabilities that minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Our data centers are not only locally operated but also feature high-availability services, ensuring continuous operation and data security.

Trust in our proven track record, highlighted by impressive uptime statistics and advanced security certifications, to keep your business operations seamless and secure.

Expert IT Support with a Personal Touch

Benefit from a team deeply rooted in the community, offering swift, expert IT solutions that reflect over 100 years of collective experience.

This unique blend of local intimacy and broad, certified expertise ensures not just rapid responses to technical issues but also a personalized service that views each interaction as an opportunity to build a relationship.

Clients appreciate our family-like approach where care and attention are paramount—qualities that elevate our service beyond mere transactions.

Expect nothing less than the highest standards of IT support tailored to fit specific industry needs, backed by a team celebrated for its diversity and skill.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Waukesha IT Company

Our IT firm offers a robust array of services for modern business needs, including comprehensive managed IT services, advanced cybersecurity solutions, network support, IT helpdesk, cloud integration and management, and thorough compliance oversight.

We tailor these services to align perfectly with your strategic goals, ensuring your technology infrastructure supports and enhances your business operations.

We prioritize top-tier security across all operations.

Our IT firm employs advanced cybersecurity defenses, such as real-time monitoring, end-to-end encryption, and regular security assessments, to protect client data against evolving threats.

Our stringent compliance with global standards and ongoing staff training ensures that your data remains secure under the highest confidentiality and integrity standards.

Our IT company distinguishes itself through a relentless commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, backed by over 100 years of combined industry expertise.

Our team of certified professionals leverages the latest technological advancements to deliver customized solutions that not only resolve current IT challenges but also anticipate future needs, ensuring sustainable growth and efficiency for our clients.

Yes, our IT firm is expertly equipped to support dynamic business growth. We offer scalable IT solutions that adapt seamlessly to your expanding requirements.

Whether upgrading your infrastructure, expanding your network capabilities, or implementing cutting-edge technologies, we provide the necessary support to ensure your IT systems evolve in alignment with your business goals.

Our IT firm is renowned for its swift and effective response to IT issues, boasting average response times of under an hour.

With a dedicated support team available 24/7, we ensure that any disruptions are swiftly managed, minimizing downtime.

This commitment to rapid service not only enhances operational continuity but also improves overall client satisfaction with our reliable support.