Is the iCar becoming a reality?

Many in the technology world are waiting for Apple to finally unveil the new product line(s) that it has been teasing for over a year. CEO Tim Cook has dropped numerous hints regarding innovation in the pipeline and most have assumed that this was pointing toward the iWatch, but the latest rumor could mean something bigger is coming.

According to an article last week from the San Francisco Chronicle, there are serious rumblings that there could be a partnership coming between Apple and Silicon Valley-based automaker Tesla. The report mentions that Apple's merger chief visited with Tesla management last year and Bloomberg Businessweek covered Berenberg Bank's Adnaan Ahmad's open letter to Apple's executive board saying they should buy Tesla.

"I would put zero chance of a merger," Peter Misek, senior tech analyst at Jefferies, told the news Bloomberg. "But I would put a lot of chance on collaboration. … Steve Jobs's departure has left a big, gaping hole—even now, with all the talent they have at Apple—so they would certainly look to collaborations, and [Tesla CEO] Elon Musk certainly fits that bill."

An iCar or iTesla would certainly fill the "new product category" that has been teased for over a year and open up an number of possibilities in the years ahead.

While most businesses will not need to start incorporating these smart cars into their daily operations, it does help add fuel to the fire that Apple is still in the innovation business. Other new products could be hitting the market, and with the help of an IT consulting firm that specializes in Mac integration, any company can be on the cutting edge.