Is Apple’s ARM processor finally ready for prime time?

It is known at this point that Apple is in the process of developing its own processor that will be used to replace the Intel version that it currently uses in its devices. However, talk of the device has been around since early 2011 and Apple continues to roll out machines that have the latest processors from Intel instead of the ARM processor.

There has been rumblings for some time that Apple has been testing Macs that are using the ARM chip for some time. However, there has been no word as to when an actual MacBook or iMac will have this technology as part of their hardware.

With the latest WWDC right around the corner, it seems as though the time could be now. According to a report from CNet, several of the popular Apple rumor sites are reporting that the company is actively developing ARM-based Macs including an iMac, Mac Mini and 13-inch MacBook Pro. These machines will also come with a larger format Magic Trackpad.

The biggest hurdle to the 64-bit ARM Quad-core processors is the question of whether or not it would be able to keep up with Intel. The popular hardware developer has been leading the way in this marketplace and has promised that its new version, the A7, will be able to provide "desktop class" performances to portable and mobile devices.

As with anything close to an Apple event, this should be taken with a grain of salt. There is no telling if this will actually come to pass, if it does, an Apple support service can make sure your business is ready to adopt the new technology.