iPhone 7 Plus could feature new dual-camera technology

The so-called "best Apple analyst on the planet" has released his latest prediction about the next technology to come out of Cupertino, and it could see future iPhone users taking even sharper photos.

According to AppleInsider, the recent report from KGI Securities' most famous analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, outlines Apple's plans to add a second 12 megapixel camera to the rear of its forthcoming iPhone 7 Plus. The resulting dual-camera system would include both a 2-3x telephoto lens and an image-stabilized wide angle lens, according to the report. Combining the images captured by each of the cameras would improve noise reduction as well as improve depth-of-field features, resulting in near DSLR-quality photos, AppleInsider states.

These reports come about 10 months after Apple purchased LinX Computational Imaging Ltd. for $20 million. The technology company had been developing methods of combining inputs from multiple cameras into a single, high-quality image. According to Forbes contributor Paul Monckton, citing Altek Corp CEO Xiaru Wen, Apple had in fact been working on dual-camera technology for as long as three years before acquiring LinX to help it overcome "technical barriers."

Interestingly, Kuo's report also suggests that the innovative camera technology will not see its way into all iPhone 7 Plus models, but will rather differentiate a third tier of iPhone 7 handsets. This move seems far less likely, as it would mean Apple would feature four separate flagship iPhone models (5se, 7, 7 Plus and a dual-camera 7 Plus), separated by relatively few technological or aesthetic differences.

However, Kuo's track record is hard to argue against. In the last 18 months alone, he has accurately predicted Apple's new 12-inch MacBook, the release and technical specifications of the all-new iPad Pro, the iPhone's jump to 4.7 and 5.5-inch displays and the major features that set the iPhone 6s apart from the previous model.

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