iPhone 6 launch date could be moving up

Over the last few years, Apple has had a specific routine when it comes to new product announcements. September/October has been when the latest version of the iPhone is unveiled to the public. However, the latest set of rumors have the company pushing things up a bit when it comes to the iPhone 6.

A recent article from Computerworld recapped several blogs that are reporting that the 4.7-inch smartphone is being moved up for an August launch date. This comes from reports out of Foxconn and other assembly plants that the company is ramping up production. Rumors of this have been circling for some time, but this is a more concrete report than those previously.

The one interesting part of the latest speculation is that there is no mention of the fabled 5.5-inch phablet. Of the 80 million iPhone 6 units (4.7-inch and 5.5-inch) that are expected to be sold by the end of the year, 90 percent will come with the smaller screen. There are reasons for this.

"One of the most often cited reasons is the high cost and/or lack of availability of sapphire as a display cover material," the article reads. "Then there's the reported battery manufacturing issues that are tied to the rumored extreme thinness of the phone."

As with every Apple announcement, businesses and consumers alike will start to upgrade so they can have the most recent devices. For corporate customers, this means IT departments will have to vet these devices and make sure they are secure. This is where an Apple support service can come into play and get businesses ready to adopt the new smartphones quickly.