iPhone 6 goes on presale amid huge demand

Apple's two new smartphones, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, went on presale at midnight Pacific Time on Friday, and demand was unsurprisingly staggering. Just hours later, the iPhone 6 Plus had sold out in the United States, although the iPhone 6 remained available. Both models will ship on September 19.

The iPhone 6 Plus is Apple's largest smartphone ever, measuring 5.5 inches, compared to 4.7 inches for the smaller version. That increase in size, coupled with an HD Retina Display and eight-megapixel camera, has proven irresistible to consumers, who rushed to get their pre-orders in through the night.

Two days before the release, users of the iPhone 4S and up will be able to download iOS 8, the newest incarnation of Apple's mobile operating system. The coming months will also see the introduction of the Apple Watch and OS X Yosemite for desktops and laptops in what is one of the largest product rollouts on record by any tech company.

Apple training and iOS management services are sure to be in high demand among businesses and educational institutions that want to make the most of the new possibilities that Apple's latest innovations will bring. Among the most exciting new features are Apple Pay, which will turn a user's iPhone or Apple Watch into a virtual credit card through near field communication, and a series of application programming interfaces — HealthKit, HomeKit and WatchKit — for developers to link their software to existing apps.

It is a time of rapid and frequent changes to the IT landscape, and businesses that get ahead of the new trends will benefit from their proactive approach.