iPad tops customer satisfaction report

Individual satisfaction with the latest technology can be a major factor for IT departments when they are deciding what devices should be purchased and incorporated into their strategies. If there is a computer or software system that is preferred over the others by workers, the smart investment is to choose the more popular system.

Tablets have become a popular device for every organization, but there are several options on the market to choose from. J.D. Power and Associates this week released the latest version of its tablet satisfaction report and Apple stands on top. This marks a return to the top for the device that was knocked off that spot by Samsung in the previous version of the study. That has been the only hiccup for the iPad which was the top choice in every other version of the report.

The satisfaction score is based on several ratings including performance, ease of operations, features, styling/design and cost. They are weighed differently. For example, performance accounts for 28 percent of the final number, while cost accounts for 11 percent. The report featured surveys with individuals between September 2013 and February 2014 that have owned a tablet for less than one year.

Apple's score, based on a 1,000-point scale, was 830. Samsung was second at 822 and the study average was 821.

Keeping employees happy can go a long way toward improving a businesses overall. With the help of an IT consulting firm that specializes in conducting an iPad deployment any company will be able to incorporate devices that satisfy their workers.