iOS devices continue to get mobile apps before Android

It seems every major new mobile application that hits the market does so on the iOS platform first. The theory was proven true again this week as the six second video app Vine finally arrived for the Android platform after being released for Apple devices back at the end of January of this year. While this is good news for those who use the operating system, it highlights why iOS should be the first choice of business owners looking to add mobile devices.

"It also points to an ongoing problem for Android users, which isn't getting better no matter the market share their platform racks up: when it comes to apps, Android users are second class citizens to iPhone users," wrote Will Stabley in a recent Stabley Times article.

While it may seem that this is just an Apple fanboy trying to bad mouth the competition, there is a solid explanation for why Apple products are the first to get new apps. The main issue revolves around the development and testing process of mobile programs.

The iOS family of devices are nearly uniform in their hardware specs. There is very little change from a program created for the iPod, iPhone and iPad. However, the Android platform is forked and fragmented across hundreds of random devices, many of which are not compatible with stock apps, let alone newly created apps.

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