iOS 9 improves search features

With iOS 9 about to debut its public beta next month and release to general public this autumn, Apple continues to work hard to enhance the software's appearance and behavior on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Apple is adding a vast array of improvements to its UI refinements, stability and performance. One of the features iOS users can look forward to is the improved search system.

It is growing rapidly to be more more inclusive in the information it offers. It can now provide suggestions about local establishments and access your frequently used contacts and data so you can call or text message people from your list from the search results. Queries that used to need to be dictated to Siri can now be manually typed. Additionally, the search system can now be a calculator and perform unit conversions.

One of the most useful features of search is found to the left of the home screen. When you swipe, you will see a pre-populated list of information that iOS considers to be uniquely significant to you. This could be recent contacts, apps, trending headlines of local news and suggestions for nearby locations. You can even toggle each section to display more or less suggestions. The new search screen will be very useful for quick-launching of contacts and apps and to find local hotspots. The advanced incarnations of Search and Siri try to anticipate your needs by offering proactive results.

Here are some other fun additions:

  • While headphones are plugged in or you connect to BlueTooth, the last played media will display on the lockscreen, saving you the trip to the apps.
  • When you're in your car, Maps will take a guess at your destination based on recent history and gives you an ETA for current traffic conditions — all on the lockscreen.

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