iOS 8 details start to leak

Just yesterday, we covered the laundry list of tweaks that Apple released as part of iOS 7.1 update. The user interface, Siri and CarPlay were among the changes that caught the public's eye. Now, right on its heels, there are already rumblings about iOS 8.

According to an article from Fox News, the new operating system is in development and some of the details about it are starting to slip out.  Much like Passbook, which was a major talking point from iOS 6 back on September 19, 2012, "Healthbook" acts the same way for iOS 8.

The app will reportedly be able to help users track fitness statistics including steps taken, calories burned, miles walked and weight lost, while integrating Reminders to keep up with medication. It will also be able to monitor various health signs like blood pressure, hydration levels and heart rate. The goal is to add additional blood-related data points like glucose levels.

For all of this to be accomplished, a separate monitoring device will be needed. This is where the iWatch would come in to play. The idea is that it would feature several different kinds of sensors in a single chipset for miniaturization purposes.

The other big change to iOS 8 will be a revamped and updated Apple Maps app. Launched to much scrutiny, the application has been improved in the last year and a half and more changes are expected.

If Apple holds true to past releases, iOS 8 will be unveiled this summer during the Worldwide Developers Conference with a beta to follow. This is all something that IT departments that run a Mac integration will need to be aware of to keep operations running smoothly.