iOS 8.0.2 brings full HealthKit implementation

Apple introduced its latest mobile software update, iOS 8.0.2, on Thursday, fixing some issues that had arisen with the release of its new mobile operating system the previous week. The new release also brings with it the definitive launch of HealthKit, an application programming interface that allows developers to work on software and make it compatible with Apple's own Health app.

HealthKit can make it much easier for software developers to gain exposure for their apps, but it also has the potential to change the health care marketplace by gathering real-time data and facilitating information sharing. Several top health care providers and universities have been working with Apple since before the public release to test the platform's capabilities.

"This could eliminate the hassle of getting data from patients, who want to give it to us," said Ricky Bloomfield, a pediatrician and Duke University's director of mobile strategy, to Reuters. "HealthKit removes some of the error from patients' manually entering their data."

HealthKit could also have a significant effect on the business world. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act detailed by law the ways that companies can reward their employees for leading healthy lifestyles, and HealthKit can contribute to that by tracking users' physical activity and recording health data. This will be especially true once the Apple Watch is released early next year, since it will be able to monitor the wearer's vital signs directly.

Apple's latest product rollout, which is still ongoing, is bringing many new features to the enterprise world. Certified consultants can provide Apple training and iOS management services to companies that want to make the most of recent and upcoming innovations.