iOS 7 traffic spikes as WWDC keynote inches closer

When the Apple rumor mill starts turning, bloggers start to look for any little clue that will lead them to a scoop and be the first to identify what the company may be working on. With the company's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) a month away, the sleuthing is in overdrive.

One of the juiciest rumors that have been on the table for a few months now is that Apple will reveal the latest version of the mobile operating system iOS 7 during its keynote address. While there have been many reports about a redesigned look and it being a top priority, there has been little hard evidence out there. That has changed.

According to an article from TechCrunch, the mobile site conversion company Onswipe has noticed a big spike in traffic to its partner websites from devices that are running iOS 7. Over the past week devices in San Francisco running the new operating system accounted for 18.75 percent of unique traffic, while the same devices in Cupertino accounted for 17.9 percent.

"Apple typically tests new versions of iOS internally, before then releasing them as a developer preview to anyone registered with the iOS developer program, and then finally releasing it to the public after another few months of testing," the article reads. "An increase in the number of users on iOS 7 is a likely sign that Apple is advancing the testing more aggressively ahead of a wider launch at WWDC."

This adds some serious fuel to the iOS 7 rumors and makes a solid case that on June 14, the public will get its first look at the latest operating system that users and businesses should consider downloading. Any company that has implemented an iPad deployment will need to make sure it can benefit their business before upgrading.