iOS 10 to support new collaboration with Cisco

Last August, Apple announced a new partnership with Cisco to optimize the way people used their iPhones and iPads at work. Their goals were threefold – to create networks that would perform better on iOS devices, to improve Cisco voice communication on the iPhone and to rethink the way modern offices use Cisco collaboration tools in their meetings and offices. 

Now, nearly a year later, the two tech giants have found a way to further these goals using iOS 10. In the partnership, Cisco will take advantage of new access Apple has granted third-party developers throughout its mobile operating system, which is set to debut this September.

First, the integration will allow Spark, Cisco's Voice over IP system, to perform with near-native functionality on the iPhone. Just like the more traditional Phone app, Spark users will be able place calls directly while viewing their iOS contacts, recents and favorites, and even push the call to a Bluetooth device. More exciting, however, is the natural way the app will connect to the iPhone. Able to answer calls directly from the lock screen and task Siri to ring contacts, Spark will be as natural to use as any native iPhone app. 

Not only will this improve the user experience for Spark, but the integration could also bolster business's bottom line. By leveraging more calls through the VoIP system, companies will be able to improve compliance and cut calling costs, the company reported. 

Second, together Cisco and Apple have created what they refer to as a "fast lane" for a company's most important apps. By prioritizing enterprise apps on a Cisco wireless network, businesses will be able to filter out applications that may be slowing down more important processes.

Cisco provides this example in a blog post: "No longer will you have to ask your coworker to lay off the cat videos while you're on a Cisco WebEx or Spark Call on your iOS device."

Finally, the integration also includes an option that helps iOS devices connect to the best available wireless network from anywhere. According to the communication company, iPhones and iPads running iOS 10 will be able to automatically detect the best access point no matter where you are. As a result, performance will be improved in all apps across the device. 

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