Introducing FileMaker 15!

For more than three decades, FileMaker has empowered businesses with the ability to create custom apps for all of their Apple hardware. Now, with its newest update, the venerable system allows users to take advantage of Cupertino's latest technology, such as Touch ID, 3D Touch, iBeacons and a host of up-to-date security features. 

Let's take a look under the hood to see just what makes FileMaker 15 the best version yet:

It's more mobile
Apps built in FileMaker 15 can get more out of iOS than any version to date. By supporting extensions from your device's favorite apps, your own FileMaker platform becomes even more powerful. Rather than working in an isolated environment, you can now send images from FileMaker to a photo editing app, or send data to a mobile printer. Plus, FileMaker 15's new cloud-based file-sharing makes it easier than ever to access your most important documents wherever you might be working. 

With TouchID, you can seal your company's custom apps behind a biometric wall, and 3D Touch support allows you to access your most used apps and documents with a simple one-touch shortcut. Both of these features also serve to keep your enterprise apps feeling up-to-date and consistent with those your employees use every day, providing a more seamless user experience.

Finally, in what is perhaps one of the most powerful additions to FileMaker's mobile portfolio to date, the platform will also support iBeacons. These devices use low-power Bluetooth to give your app location-specific information when it reaches a predetermined point. With iBeacons, your app could automatically pull up information for a self-guided tour, for example, or call up product descriptions at the point of sale. iBeacons open the door to a number of creative uses, making their addition to FileMaker 15 particularly exciting. 

It's more pliable
Whether your business has a team in-house or works with consultants to build its custom apps, FileMaker 15 gives developers a new set of tools that will help them work faster and smarter. The Script Workspace automatically highlights errors, and the undo feature can now be used several times in a row, helping developers save time and avoid errors as they work to build your custom apps. Plus, an all-new updater ensures the latest notifications and updates are available instantly, right within the product. 

It's easier to use
FileMaker's mission has always been to make it simpler for non-programmers to build powerful apps. In FileMaker 15, a new "Get started" screen makes it even easier to add functionality right away. FileMaker 15 also features an improved, web-based help system and a completely redesigned toolbar. 

It's more secure
Even the most functional apps are worthless to a business if they're not secure. FileMaker 15 prioritizes security on both the developer's and the user's end. Developers can now include a concealed edit box in their forms, which replaces sensitive information with a dot as you type. That way, you can feel comfortable entering passwords, credit cards and PINs without worrying about someone peeking over your shoulder. What's more, FileMaker 15 is equipped with a number of proactive security warnings and updated settings that can help keep your system and data safe from unsecured websites or apps. 

It's faster
Slow apps serve as speed bumps for your employees, interrupting momentum and evaporating productivity. FileMaker 15 includes two new tools designed to keep your workforce moving as quickly as possible. The new FileMaker Server interface displays calls that could be slowing down your platform, allowing you to identify the affected clients and correct the issue as soon as possible. To prevent slowdowns within the apps themselves, FileMaker 15 moves tasks such as filtering and sorting into the background, allowing users to execute other functions in the apps while waiting for their data to become organized.  

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