Importance of data analytics growing in business world

In a world of increased connectivity, data analysis is becoming an essential part of any business strategy, and that is being reflected in a number of ways, from companies' hiring practices to graduate schools' course offerings. The availability of statistical data is reaching heights that most companies, by their own admission, are not adequately prepared for. In a recent IBM survey, 71 percent of marketing officers said that their businesses do not have the means or the knowledge to take full advantage of all the information they can gather.

That information is coming from sources such as social media and a growing number of connected devices. Those devices are no longer limited to computers and mobiles, but will increasingly also include vehicles and even household appliances. For businesses, this presents many new opportunities to stand apart from the competition, but also the significant challenge of sifting through the data and learning how to apply it to turn a profit.

Demand for database tools like FileMaker will undoubtedly continue to grow as these trends develop over the next few years. Companies that specialize in FileMaker database development can provide custom programming services, creating databases to the specifications of their clients. A business can benefit greatly from a database that is tailored to its particular needs, as this will allow it to gather and analyze information it can use to develop its strategies.

FileMaker training is another option business managers can consider. With this instruction, a company's employees will have all the knowledge they'll need to manage and update their own databases with any new information that needs to be added. In this way the proper software can contribute to businesses' smooth operations and ensure that they enjoy a bright future.