How to handle Macbook overheating issues

Many components of a Mac do not work well with excessive heat levels; the graphics card is particularly sensitive. Heat damage will manifest by scrambling the display, slowing performance and automatically shutting off your Mac to protects itself.

Here are a few solutions you can use to prevent and regulate overheating:

Direct sunlight

It is really nice to sit outside to work on your Mac — it is one of the perks of owning a portable computer. However, you should always have your Macbook in the shade whether inside or outdoors.

External fan

Whether you purchase a fan made specifically for laptop cooling or you have a table-top fan, turn it on to get proper air circulation.

Air conditioning

Working in an air-conditioned environment means lower external heat intruding on your Mac.


Make sure that there is a sufficient amount of space around your computer — this will allow for adequate air flow. It is also a great idea to keep your workspace dust-free to keep the device's filters clear.

Raise your Mac

Using processor-intensive apps like video editing or diving and external displace will quickly cause your laptop to heat up. You should definitely consider buying a stand to raise your computer off of the desk to allow for better airflow beneath it. Some stands even come with small built-in fans.

Clean out your Mac

Use a can of compressed air to blow the dust out of the computer's fans and other components. However, never attempt to open any Mac unless you are confident that you know what you are doing. If you are not fully competent in the subject, take your computer to Apple or an Apple-certified Mac repair specialist.

If you or your company need help with Mac overheating issues, reach out to MC Services today for professional Mac consulting