How Siri will change the way you use your laptop

Apple just launched the public beta of its upcoming desktop operating system, masOS Sierra. Among a host of new features, perhaps the most exciting to ship with the redesigned software is Siri, Apple's virtual assistant. While Siri is likely already familiar to iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch owners, even iOS veterans will find Siri capable of a few new tricks in its new home on the desktop. 

Whether you're an early adopter willing to give the beta a try or are eagerly awaiting the release of the final version this fall, you'll have a lot to learn when it comes to using Siri to boost your productivity in macOS Sierra. To get a head start, here's a preview of how Siri will help you work smarter on Apple's forthcoming desktop operating system:

  • Navigate files and photos: Siri's improved artificial intelligence gives users greater control over their searches. They can even fine-tune searches to show "documents I worked on last week" or "Just PDFs," adjusting search results with near natural language, The Next Web reported. Plus, with Apple's new Photos capabilities, users with cluttered galleries can easily ask Siri to pull up pictures of sunsets, food or their last vacation.  
  • Search nearby: Siri can tailor your search results based on your current location, letting you know what traffic is like on your way home or where you can find the nearest coffee shop, according to BGR. 
  • Post to social media: Sometimes, the best social media posts are those that come to mind at the spur of the moment. To capture these thoughts right away, you can now ask Siri to tweet, post to Facebook or even search hashtags using simple language, The Next Web reported. 

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