How iOS 8 deployment can help businesses

Over 10 million units of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were sold within the first weekend that the smartphones were on sale, capping off a week that also saw the release of iOS 8, the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system. iOS 8 runs on all iPads and iPhones released within the last three years, and as Business News Daily points out, it comes with a number of improvements that will serve businesses well:

  • Handoff is a new feature that has vastly improved connectivity between Apple devices. Users can send documents, email drafts or web pages between their desktop, laptop and mobile devices so they can continue working on the move.
  • The Mail app is now easier to navigate, and Apple has simplified tasks such as saving and returning to drafts, organizing mailing groups and adding calendar events. Users can now respond to emails and messages without leaving the app they are currently using.
  • While users are familiar with auto correct, Apple has introduced QuickType, which recommends words and phrases depending on the app and the intended recipient of the message.
  • The OS version of Apple's search engine, Spotlight, is more powerful, and can easily display all the information associated with a business contact.
  • Touch ID fingerprint recognition has many more uses with iOS 8, including locking specific apps, which is useful for securing important financial information.
  • When companies order iPhones or iPads for their employees, Apple will preset them to configure with the company email and calendar.

A certified Apple support provider can manage a company's iPhone and iPad deployment to guarantee a smooth transition. Apple training services are also available to ensure that all employees are comfortable with the new hardware and software.