How FileMaker helped improve operations for Keslow Camera

For any business that needs to keep track of the equipment it lends out, having the right system in place can mean the difference between success and failure.

Brad Wilson is the Rentals Manager for Keslow Camera, one of the biggest equipment providers in the Hollywood area. The company has helped studios create countless movies and television shows. They are in the middle of a highly competitive marketplace, where speedy turnaround times are a critical component to business.

According to a recent article Wilson wrote for Citizen TEKK, it is because of this that the company turned to FileMaker in-order to improve the databasing process. Now, with a completely digital system that can be accessed on any Apple device, the company is taking their operations to a new level.

The first benefit of a FileMaker database is reducing the paper world. Being digital, employees can now easily look up order numbers or check inventory to see what equipment is where. This makes it much easier to submit a bid or close a deal if an employee is able to quickly look up what's in stock and present a pitch with real-time data.

With the ability to access data through the mobile devices, this also improves the ability to help customers. An employees can be on scene, look up inventory levels and get answers on additional equipment. A digital approach also makes it easier to keep the several offices — located in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Santa Fe and New Orleans – on the same page.

With the help of a FileMaker database development firm, any company can follow down this path and embrace this kind of solution.