Hosting with MC Services

Put the latest technologies, rock-solid security solutions and U.S.-based tech support to work for you.

As hosts, MC Services makes sure your sites are up and running, backed up, and protected at all times. Our full suite of hosting and backup services include:

  • Offsite back

  • FileMaker hosting

  • Website and e-comm hosting
  • Secure email hosting

  • Kerio Connect

Secure offsite backup

Apple ranked much higher than BlackBerry for secure messaging.

Protect your critical data. 

Offsite backup ensures you will always have a backup of your critical files and data. We maintain your backups at multiple facilities, which provides an additional layer of protection and support. Data plans start at 50GB, and go up to 2TB or more. Let’s get started with offsite backup solutions for your business.

FileMaker hosting

Our FileMaker hosting services provide you with fast, reliable access to your data.

Hosting with MySQL and PHP occurs on shared, virtual, and hardware-dedicated servers, and supports any combination of FileMaker network sharing, custom web publishing (PHP), XML/XSLT, external data source connectivity, and ODBC/JDBC connections. Learn more about FileMaker hosting with MC Services.

Websites, e-commerce and email hosting

We provide website, e-commerce and email hosting solutions of any size.

When you host your site and/or email with MC Services, you can take full advantage of the following:

  • SSL encryption technology

  • Dynamic databases

  • Professional support from live staff

  • Unix, Linux, Mac, and Windows servers

  • FTP login for site maintenance

  • Cpanel access

  • Your own unique domain name

  • Secure server functionality

  • P0P3 or IMAP mailboxes

  • Daily usage statistics for your site

  • Database support for dynamic websites

  • Domain registration and renewal

  • Secure certificates available

  • Bundled pricing with other options

  • Use your own domain associated with your website

  • Safe and secure, state of the art spam and virus filtering

  • Administrative access to add or remove accounts, change passwords, etc.

  • Access via e-mail application or webmail on all devices

  • Support for all POP and IMAP capable e-mail client apps (Thunderbird, Outlook, Mail app)

Discover our hosting packages, or contact us to discuss the right solution for your business needs.

Kerio Connect

Kerio Hosting

Kerio Connect is a powerful collaboration and messaging solution that's simple to use.

With Kerio Connect, integrate your email with shared calendars and scheduling, contacts, tasks, notes, shared and public folders, instant messaging and more. MC Services provides set up, training and support so you can:

  • Access e-mail, contacts, calendars, public and shared folders
  • Streamline instant message and/or private/group chat
  • Sync email with public and shared calendars, out of office messages, delegation, reminders, meetings
  • Get support for Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail app, etc.
  • Gain secure, administrative access, spam and virus filtering

Contact us to discuss the advantages of Kerio Connect, and what it can do for your business.

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