Has Apple created a remote for your home?

The "Internet of Things" is one of the biggest topics of conversation around the technology campfire. Creating an interconnected ecosystem of devices that can all be controlled from a smartphone seems like something out of a science fiction movie, but it is closer than ever before.

According to an article from Wired, the latest Apple rumor is that the company is creating a software platform that will be incorporated into the iOS mobile operating system and turn the iPhone and other iDevices into a remote control for your home. It will also allow third party device developers to integrate more easily with the iOS platform.

"The move would put Apple at the center of the internet of things movement, pitting the company against familiar foes like Google and Samsung," the article reads. "For years, these companies have battled it out for a share of the smartphone market, but they realize the next big battle lies elsewhere."

If this rumor is true, it will also help create a standard for the Internet of Things, that does not yet exist and sets the stage for the "smart home." Now, a user who wants to control their lights, thermostat, television and get updates from the fridge, can easily do so from one place and not through a series of different applications.

It is possible that this idea could be unveiled as early as next week during the Worldwide Developers Conference. Regardless, this could be a game changer and with the help of an Apple support service, any business can be sure they are taking advantage of it.