Hands on FileMaker training better than a book

One of the biggest challenges in the IT sector is keeping up with innovation. In most cases, as soon as you master a particular hardware or service, something new is released that professionals need to know in order to meet the current challenges their business faces. This causes individuals to seek out any and all resources to learn the basics of more complex systems.

One of the more popular resources that individuals and professionals alike have relied on is the Missing Manual book catalog published by O'Reilly Media. There are versions available for a number of hardware and software solutions including all the Apple operating systems and hardware, Adobe, Photoshop, Windows and much more.

At the end of July, the company added to its offerings with the release of a FileMaker 13 edition. It covers all of the basics of FileMaker, the mobile application FileMaker Go, more complex formulas and the advanced features of Pro Advances and Server.

While it is a comprehensive guide to learn FileMaker, it is not the only solution and self-teaching is not always ideal for a business. If your company relies on a FileMaker solution, having your employees take time out of their day to read and test out the new systems can be a misuse of resources.

Instead, the company should partner with an IT consulting firm that specializes in FileMaker training. Instead of trying to learn the system on your own, a business gains first-hand knowledge of the solution and a hands-on approach to ensure that all employees can learn it.