Google Glass hack raises questions about wearable technology security

It seems every week there is a new hot rumor about that latest wearable technology trend. Whether it is how the health care industry will be revolutionized by Google Glass or how the watch industry will be turned on its head when the iWatch finally gets unveiled, there is no shortage of hype in the marketplace of wearable tech.

While it is fun to look into the possibility of how various sectors will be affected by these gadgets that seem like they were taken out of a science fiction movie, it is important to realize they are still in the early stages of development and aren't ready for the general public yet.

This can be seen with a new exploit that was just discovered to easily hack Google Glass. Marc Rogers, the principals researcher at Lookout Mobile Security, posted a YouTube video that shows an interesting way that the device can be hacked by using a malicious QR code.

Currently, whenever the device reads a QR code, it can perform a function like going to the URL attached to it. The attack happens when the Android glasses are tricked into connecting to the attack network because of a bad QR code. The ne'er-do-well on the other end can then monitor or even take complete remote control of the device exploiting known Android vulnerabilities.

Luckily for Google, the hole that allowed this attack was able to be closed, but it shows that any new device can be vulnerable. That is why it is wise to partner with an IT consulting firm that specializes in integrating these kinds of devices to ensure your company and its network does not fall victim to this kind of attack.