Generational shift emerging on BYOD importance

By now, the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend in offices across the country is not new news. Business decision-makers and IT departments are well aware that employees are using their personal smartphones, tablets and laptops to do their jobs more effectively and executives are allowing it because it helps their bottom line. However, there is an emerging pattern when it comes to BYOD and it could have a major impact on hiring trends going forward.

According to a report from CompTIA, there is a generational shift emerging when it comes to BYOD practices.

"Taken in the aggregate, there's a near-even split of all workers that incorporate personal tech into work and those that do not," the report reads. "Looking more closely at the demographic breakdowns, however, it's abundantly clear that this practice is far more prevalent, and presumably valued, by younger workers."

To be more specific, 47 percent of all employees said they have used their mobile device or application for a work-related function. However, the 20-39 age bracket is about average (59-61 percent) while workers over 50 come in at 33 percent or less. The reason this is important is because by 2015, the Millennial group will make up the largest section of the workforce. So businesses will need to be able to support personal devices if they want to attract the top quality talent.

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