Frustration on iOS 7 launch day highlights Apple demand

If you are a fan of Apple, there is a good chance that yesterday was a day of both joy and frustration. This is all because it was iOS 7 launch day.

Starting around 1 p.m. EST, Apple users had the ability to update their iPhones, iPods and iPhones to the latest mobile operating systems. Unfortunately, it seems as though everyone decided to update at the same time and the company's servers were overloaded. This caused download times to skyrocket and in many cases error out, meaning users needed to start over.

Anyone who has a social media account surely came across the frustration of Apple users, as they vented about not being able to install the latest, and biggest change, to the mobile operating system.

For Apple, however, this is not all bad news. The main problem was that demand was so high that the servers couldn't handle it all at once. In a recent Salon column, Andrew Leonard argues that it is also a great marketing opportunity for the company.

"But scarcity is also good marketing. Reading Twitter on Wednesday, you could only think: Gosh, a lot of people really want to upgrade their operating system in the middle of a workday," Leonard wrote. "I imagine this would be pleasing to the ghost of Steve Jobs. It's certainly not a problem that Microsoft has faced lately."

There is a good chance that employees with Apple devices spent some time yesterday downloading the new operating system and IT departments are fielding questions about it today. An IT consulting firm that specializes in Mac integration can help any organization incorporate the latest Apple solutions into daily operations.