From convenient luxury to lifeline, watchOS 2 comes with great upgrades

The Apple Watch is going to receive some significant improvements. Apple plans to implement two new features in the second-gen line of watchOS that will make the device far better:

Internet connectivity without the iPhone

So far, Watch owners can forget they have a cell phone and be mobile while having the capability of taking calls and sending texts from their wrist. However, that has not been possible independent of the iPhone. Apple is about to cut the ties with the watchOS 2 upgrades. The Watch can be expected to harbor an advanced ability to connect with WiFi networks independently, so you can operate the Watch without the iPhone while near a hotspot.

This is great for third-party developers, as well. This autumn, they will be able to create apps to natively run on the Watch and can use that connectivity to refresh app data to show you real-time notifications such as weather updates. Since the Watch is almost always in view, many third-party complications are attracted to the notion of providing the quickest interaction down to 1 second glances to see the new information.

The data pulled from these complications will be in timeline form, as per Apple's wishes, so the Watch can ensure that the data is up-to-date before the display turns on.

Push notifications

Real-time push notifications will still require an iPhone connection (for now), having them able to be received in complications provides a lot of possibilities. With this feature, you can see real-time environmental data like air quality, utilize geofences to confirm that your child is in school and see whether a conference room is available. These benefits will all save time, energy and money for the user.

The watchOS 2 should probably be easy to figure out. However, if you need any assistance, the IT consultants MC Services can help you with the Apple support and iOS management you or your company may need.