FileMaker Go passes 1 million downloads through the App Store

Back in December, we covered the launch of the FileMaker 13 Platform, the popular database engine with a graphical user interface that allows users to modify the data with new elements added through layouts, screens or forms. The latest version includes a more streamlined iOS companion app for both the iPhone and the iPad.

According to a recent announcement from the company, this week FileMaker revealed that it has reached over 1 million downloads from the App Store for its FileMaker Go database management app.

"Businesses are using the FileMaker Platform to create solutions that manage everything from sales contacts and inventory to medical data on iPad and iPhone," said Ryan Rosenberg, vice president, marketing and services, FileMaker, Inc. "With the recent launch of FileMaker 13, customers will find it easier than ever to design innovative mobile solutions."

The release goes on to say that FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone is part of the comprehensive lineup of desktop, server and iOS software for creating custom solutions that can be run on a number of different platforms including iOS, Mac, Windows and web browsers. The FileMaker 13 system also includes support for native iOS behaviors and offers new features like barcode scanning that will speed up data capture on mobile devices.

The complete app is currently available for $329 through the App Store and the Go version remains a free add-on for mobile devices.

With the help of an IT consultant that specializes in FileMaker database development, any company can easily deploy the solution and start taking advantage of its features.