FileMaker community launch will include free developer videos

FileMaker has rebranded its technical network from TechNet to be referred to as the FileMaker Community. The new name makes a completely redesigned website that has been reorganized to offer free online resources for anyone interested in how to build custom business solutions for iPad, iPhone, Windows and Mac devices. With over 60,000 members of this community, the new direction it is headed toward should expand that large base.

The FileMaker Community offers resources that people can use to find the unique business solutions that the seek. Those solutions include videos that give users tutorials on how to properly integrate software.

The program is an Apple subsidiary and thus Apple support service providers are encompassed within the FileMaker community. The professionals at MC Services are capable of addressing whatever needs you may seek to optimize the effectiveness of FileMaker's data modeling capabilities.

By taking FileMaker training modules through MC Services, a person can become a contributing member of the FileMaker community. Refining skills through out 100 and 200 level courses can provide a foundation of knowledge of this software, or build upon existing knowledge in order to improve business intelligence. Our training series enable users to understand new features that arise within this innovative software. By registering for these course, you can take the time to learn new techniques that can improve your personal performance on the job. Building a technological understanding is imperative to structuring a business that uses data to analyze its productivity. Investing in these training courses is one way to develop a tech savvy workforce that can increase the efficiency of your business through modernizing their skill sets to compete in a labor market where technological skills are essential.