FileMaker announces free guide, FileMaker Pro special offer

FileMaker Inc. has published an online guide on the FileMaker Technical Network to teach users to create customized high-performance design solutions for FileMaker on iPad, iPhone, Mac and Windows, as well as on the web. The Network is free to join and allows developers and other users to come together and exchange tips and ideas. Members can also download scripts, software and technical briefs, plus the new free user guide, of which "Performance" is the first installment.

With the guide, users can learn how to develop FileMaker solutions that are easy to use and update, and how to offload automation tasks to the server, which will make FileMaker Go, the mobile version of the software, run faster on iPad and iPhone.

"The Performance guide helps new users to optimize their new FileMaker solutions and experienced developers to tune up their existing solutions," said vice president of marketing and services Ryan Rosenberg. "High-performing solutions are easier for developers to maintain and more enjoyable for people to use."

The company also announced a limited-time offer of a second copy for free with a purchase of FileMaker Pro 13, worth $329, or FileMaker Pro Advanced 13, for $549. The offer is valid worldwide until December 10. The offer will allow organizations to provide the software to new employees or specific work groups. FileMaker Pro is the primary version of the software, which runs on Mac and Windows computers. Although no release date has been set, FileMaker Pro 14 is expected to arrive next year.

MC Services provides both Apple and FileMaker support, helping companies that run FileMaker on Mac computers take full advantage of the system's possibilities.