FileMaker 14 provides a ton of new features

Since its announcement nearly one month ago, FileMaker 14 has provided several businesses and individuals the relief of point-and-click level simplicity and allowing productivity and appeal to soar for those using desktops, iOS devices and mobile browsers alike.

FileMaker has some great benefits in all of its versions:

  • Requires no programming skills.
  • Can be created and active within hours.
  • Multi-platform usage.
  • Safe information sharing.
  • Data integration from outside sources.
  • Built-in reporting tools that provide aesthetic appeal.

The new 14 platform features FileMaker WebDirect, which has a redesigned toolbar that adjusts to the screen size of any web browsers on desktops or tablets and delivers a 25 percent boost in processing time. The new version comes with a wide collection of design tools that function efficiently on both mobile and desktop interfaces. It also hosts a new Launch Center for improved access to databases with its app-like interface and the updated FileMaker Server hastens the recovery process for unreliable or lost network connectivity.

Here are some key components of the new release from

Improved iOS

  • Redesigned interface in FileMaker Go 14 for a clean appearance and consistently user-friendly experience.
  • Updated scripts to provide better control over how solutions run on iPads and iPhones.
  • New set-screen orientation.
  • Touch keyboard enable/disable option.

For developers

  • Richer text formatting.
  • New audio/video playback controls to enact self-paced training applications and more.
  • Doubled amount of supported simultaneous connections.
  • Auto-reconnect to ease the recovery process for network connectivity.
  • Enhanced security via strengthened password controls for the Server Admin Console.
  • New standby server option that gives seasoned admin more business data availability.

With all of its options and versatility, FileMaker 14 can be a bit overwhelming to users. For FileMaker support and training in Wisconsin, including help with installation and configuration, contact MC Services today.