FBI changes stance on encryption

From a national security standpoint, encryption technologies stand to improve our ability to protect valuable personal information. However, leadership at the FBI apparently aims to dissuade people from using unbreakable encryption services that could protect their websites and computers. This measure could drastically reduce the security that assures people of the privacy that is necessary to maintain their personal and professional lives.

Jim Comey, the director of the FBI spoke in front of the Appropriations Committee at the House of Representatives to urge Congress to pass legislation that would require tech companies to create backdoor access to any and all phones, computers and mobile devices that could otherwise be protected by encryption protections.

"One of the things that the administration is working on right now is what would a legislative response look like that would allow us … with court process to get access to that evidence", Comey said.

Apple's decision to mandate encryption to all iPhones was a sea change in how tech companies protect their customer's private data. That decision irked many members of government and national security services as mobile data access can improve the scope of surveillance programs administered by the National Security Agency and other government organizations.

Web hosting services that offer encryption protections will be imperative as currency becomes increasingly digitized. Smartphones may soon replace credit cards, so having financial data be secure will be essential to the success of that transition.

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