Do you need simpler database solutions? Try FileMaker 14

FileMaker 14 updates the development interface with a new script workspace in both FileMaker Pro and Advanced, where databases are built and the layouts and scripts that turn them into database applications are created. In addition, it appends mobile web publishing to expand mobile software options beyond iOS.

FileMaker offers you all the familiar tools of a typical database system including:

  • Tablet record storage.
  • Field and calculation placement on layouts.
  • Theme uploads and preset styles.
  • Scripts for creating reports or sending email communications.

However, FileMaker 14 also allows you to do more complex programming with any loops and branches that you might want to include in your code.

It maintains a wonderfully simple and user-friendly layout and database management, which is all done graphically. The scripting tools are being considered for updates, which are still long overdue.

You can share database solutions with other FileMaker users or through desktop web browsers using FileMaker 14. Existing FileMaker users have the ability to build smartphone and tablet layouts using the same method as any other layout — just drag and drop fields, buttons and tools, then all you have to do is style them and apply actions.

New features include password security indicators and simplified password reset functions. Additionally, you can now enjoy the benefit of an automatic reconnection of  FileMaker Pro and Advanced to the server after a lost connection. You can even utilize the new command-line option to switch any or all of your FileMaker users to a standby server within one minute if your main server goes down.

You are now able to pay monthly for FileMaker 14 on your own if you would rather do that than pay an upfront license fee. However, the product is designed to aid users who have their own server or hosting it with companies such as MC Services. Contact us today for help with information on our hosting plans, FileMaker database development and FileMaker support.