Did Apple unveil plans for larger mobile devices?


One of the more interesting parts of WWDC is what Apple doesn’t announce but is instead uncovered by Apple fans. Once experts get their hands on the code for the new operating systems for iOS and OS X, they start pouring through it to see what things could be in the pipeline. They are often tipped off by features and services that are written into the code.

This year was no different. According to several sources, the beta release of Xcode 6, Apple’s integrated development environment which offers changes for the coding of upcoming platforms. This is where information on “Resizable iPhones” and “Resizable iPads.”

An article from Design Trends said that, “the functions were not mentioned in the ‘What’s New’ release notes, but do hint that new, bigger devices will debut in the same timeline as the rollout of iOS 8.”

This points to the often rumored bigger smartphones and tablets that the company has in development. Speculation points to two new iPhone models in 2014 including a 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch screen. The iPhone 5S has a screen size of 4 inches. There is also talk of a larger iPad, called the Pro, that would come in at 12.9 inches and would be designed as an enterprise device and hit shelves in 2015.

Apple is always working on its next product line and tipping its hand like this is not unheard of. This would put to rest months of rumors of bigger mobile devices and give companies more need to partner with an Apple support service to incorporate these devices.