Could a wireless, solar-powered Macbook be on its way?

We are becoming a wireless society, and no organization has championed that initiative more than Apple. The iPod, iPhone and iPad have all revolutionized their respective industries, and the latter two helped usher in an era of mobile computing. And as wires are increasingly being phased out of our electronics, it's no surprise that wireless laptop and PC charging is now being discussed in tech circles.

Once again, the industry is looking at Apple to lead the way. An article in the online publication Daily Finance discusses the possibility of a chargerless Macbook, a computer that will use solar energy to power itself. Not only could this succeed in fueling your organization's efforts to go green, it will eliminate yet another wire and help boost efficiency and productivity along the way.

The news publication mentions that solar powered Apple products are not as far-fetched as they may seem initially and that the consumer electronics market is already beginning to delve into the solar space.

"On the surface, Apple putting solar power in their devices may seem crazy, but the leap of solar into commercial products has already begun," the article says. "SunPower recently announced it is providing solar cells for Ford's C-Max Energi concept car. It has also provided cells for solar-powered aircraft, boats, and research automobiles so the number of devices we're seeing solar on is increasing."

Implementing wireless charging Macbooks or iMacs will require appropriate Apple support that a Mac integration specialist will be able to provide.