Colocation bears many benefits for businesses

Online IT publication TechRepublic has recently run two articles demonstrating the benefits to be gained from colocation. For many IT managers, colocation is becoming the preferred hosting option, and these are the four main reasons why:

  • Affordability: Among IT managers who have already turned to colocation, the number one reason they gave when asked by TechRepublic was that it is much cheaper than on-site hosting. Colocation centers, by their nature, have lower bandwidth costs than most companies, and that translates to savings for their clients.
  • Continuous flow: Hosting centers have a variety of measures in place, including backup generators and even several Internet connections from different providers, to ensure that they never lose power.
  • Security: For most businesses, web security is just one of many tasks that are handled by IT employees. Colocation centers, on the other hand, place a particular emphasis on keeping their clients' information safe.
  • Maintenance: As with security, maintenance is usually something that companies cannot dedicate exclusive resources to. Colocation hosts can handle maintenance and upgrade needs without putting their clients' operations on hold.

CenturyLink also released a report recently listing the most important things companies should look for in a colocation provider. These include:

  • Breadth of capabilities and adaptability to changing market conditions
  • Connectivity options, carrier diversity and reliability
  • Data center location and proximity to the client
  • Power & cooling technologies and reliability of power systems
  • Network and physical security & compliance
  • Support services, including design, installation and migration

A specialized IT services company can provide these DNS hosting services. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from putting many back end processes in the capable hands of a reliable colocation specialist. Companies should look to local and regional providers for customized hosting solutions.