College stadium using iPad-based concession system

In college and professional stadiums across the country, football fans will again pack the stands to root on their favorite teams. As with any large sporting event, many individuals will make their way to the concession stands to pick up popcorn, hot dogs, soda and an adult beverage. Fans of the Alabama State University (ASU) Hornets are having a different experience this season as the cash registers at these stands have been replaced with an iPad-backed POS system.

According to an article from TechCrunch, in the off-season, the school upgraded all 30 concession stands throughout the facility. By using the mobile devices and the subsequent app from Revel, officials are now able to monitor sales and progress information in real-time. On top of that, the system can be run 14 percent faster per transaction, which means a larger volume of customers can be handled in a shorter time.

Another benefit of this kind of system has already played out for the school. Earlier this season, the stadium experienced a power outage during a game. Even though numerous systems were down, the POS systems remained up and running, allowing customers to continue buying food, drink and merchandise during the down time.

At a sporting event, concessions can serve thousands of customers per hour and be a major revenue making machine. An improved cash register system that centers around iPads are spreading in their adoption and an IT consulting firm that handles iPad deployments can help optimize the solution.