Apple Deployment Essentials

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A two day course covering Deployment of iOS and macOS on Apple Devices for the Apple Administrator.

Cost of Course: $1400.00

Who Should Attend?

  • IT professionals who deploy and manage Apple devices
  • Technical professionals who help customers choose Apple devices

What Does This Class Cover?

  • Identify similarities and differences when you deploy macOS and iOS devices
  • Observe how deployment methods can adapt as organizations grow and change
  • Define the role of mobile device management (MDM) and Apple
  • Business Manager tools in the successful deployment of Apple devices
  • Respond to the challenges of deploying and managing devices without MDM
  • Explain what an Apple ID is and identify when it’s needed
  • Configure and manage settings, apps, and content on personally owned and organization-owned devices
  • Design and implement deployment solutions for real-world scenarios

Recommended Background Knowledge

  • iOS and macOS familiarity
  • Basic iOS device and Mac computer navigation skills

Class Outline

  • Manual Configuration
Explore the challenges and inconsistencies of manually configuring multiple devices in an organization
  • Manage Devices
Use MDM to configure and manage devices consistently and efficiently
  • Streamline Enrollment
An introduction to Apple Business Manager and configuring settings to enable over-the-air enrollment and supervision; learn how users can personalize organization-owned devices
  • Apply Policies
    Learn about the security technologies that protect the system, apps, and data on Apple devices; Configure restrictions, enforce FileVault on macOS, and manage the flow of data on iOS
  • Refresh devices
    Compare and Contrast methods for restoring macOS and iOS devices to factory state; gain experience using built-in tools and discover how to rapidly return devices to service
  • Deploy Shared Devices
    Configure devices for shared use; the devices have distributed apps and content, but users can’t personalize them
  • Design a Scenario
    Evaluate real-world deployment scenarios; working in teams, design a deployment that meets your scenario’s needs and then present your solution to the class

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