FileMaker Interface, Layouts, and Reporting

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A one day course covering layout design, reporting, and interface tips.

Cost of Course: $495.00

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone working with FileMaker that wants to enhance the display of data and create reports

What Does This Class Cover?

  • Data Management

  • Creating data reports
  • Extending a found set
  • Using search operators
  • Layouts

  • Creating a basic layout
  • Layout enhancements
  • Usability, legibility, logical grouping
  • Cross-platform issues
  • Using format painter
  • using graphics as layouts elements
  • Formatting elements as buttons
  • Entering data in a standard layout
  • Moving through fields
  • Cleaning up a layout for printing
  • Value lists
  • Creating & formatting
  • Validating formats
  • Working with conditional value lists
  • Using calculated field labels
  • Creating field masks
  • Validating by number of characters

Recommended Background Knowledge

  • A basic knowledge of using FileMaker

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