FileMaker Scripting and Calculations

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A one day course covering scripting and calculations.

Cost of Course: $495.00

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone desiring to add automation and data calculations to their databases.

What Does This Class Cover?

  • Data Management

  • Calculation fields
  • Combining fields using calculations
  • Formatting labels or envelopes
  • Formatting form-letter modules
  • Augmenting a form letter
  • Using get field
  • Styling text with calculations
  • Updating auto-entry serial numbers
  • Layouts

  • Creating simple scripts
  • Creating a basic script
  • Editing & managing scripts
  • Creating and combining subscripts
  • Exporting records in a script
  • Using external scripts
  • Working with conditional script steps
  • Conditional step introduction
  • Using the if and else command
  • Get functions
  • Using get functions with if steps
  • Using loops in scripts
  • Using counters to control loops
  • Creating error trap scripts with user input
  • Creating custom dialog boxes
  • Extending the interface with scripts
  • Making a find layout with scripts
  • Creating script buttons
  • Creating interactive buttons
  • Creating a main menu layout
  • Linking to the main menu
  • Using script triggers
  • Script troubleshooting
  • Testing finished scripts
  • Using script debugger
  • Fixing typical scripts
  • Importing scripts

Recommended Background Knowledge

  • Basic knowledge of FileMaker database creation

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