"Citizenfour" documentary demonstrates need for web security

Since his decision to leak confidential government information regarding the National Security Agency's surveillance of citizens, Edward Snowden has been cast into the theater of world politics. Mr. Snowden's dramatic escape from his home in Hawaii that took his travels from Hong Kong to Russia has been in the spotlight of worldwide media. The revelations bring with them new questions about our national security. The Laura Poitras documentary "Citizenfour" chronicles the exploits of Mr. Snowden.

Poitras exposes the importance of privacy in an era where its invasion is apparently omnipresent. This poses a serious risk to websites. The increasing use of ecommerce channels to shop has put the financial data of millions in a place where it can be accessed by hackers. The Target bank account scandal of last year shows how vulnerable consumers are.

Beyond the impact on ecommerce, privacy concerns threaten the confidentiality of our ability to communicate with one another. Web hosting services that offer SSL encryption improves a person's ability to keep personal information out of the hands of those who would use it maliciously.

MC Services provides web hosting to ecommerce companies. By providing a secure domain for their web sites, these companies can provide their customers with the information security that is needed to retain their business. In an era in which cyber security is a new frontier, it is important to find a web hosting company that can provide encryption against hackers that seek to steal customer information.

At MC Services, our understanding of encryption technologies can improve your website so that it can handle an abundance of financial data without compromising the privacy of customers. Our dedication to your ecommerce needs makes our IT consulting imperative for planning your web hosting needs.